2015 - 2016 Lake Quinsigamond Racing Schedule

All information here is provided by the host schools and is subject to change without notice.

All dual races taking place on Lake Quinsigamond must include a local school as a participant.

The QRA has no further information than that posted here. For more details,including race times and lane assignments, Please contact the host school.

Start times, if known, are shown in parenthesis. Named regattas are underlined.

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Race Dates


Race Dates

Saturday, May 28, 2016

NEIRA Schools
   Events: B3rd8, B2nd8, B1st8, G3rd8, G2nd8, G1st8, B4th4+, B3rd4+, B2nd4+, B1st4+, G4th4+, G3rd4+, G2nd4+, G1st4+